Media questions can be directed to:

Peter Lahay, Canadian Coordinator, ITF
Peter is based in Vancouver and also serves as the Pacific Region inspector. He can answer questions about cases and issues on the West Coast and across Canada, and about the Flag of Convenience campaign and the ITF’s work  on behalf of seafarers.

News releases:

ITF: Inspectors meet in Panama to strengthen frontline of the ITF

ITF: Joint statement with the International Dockers Council

ITF: FC Barcelona election will decide fate of Qatar Airways sponsorship deal

ITF comment ont the situation in Greece

TISA leaks reveal threat to seafarers

ITF and Seafarers Rights International release MLC education videos on Day of the Seafarer

Seafarers need less lip service from Canada — and more action on eradicating dangerous, criminal FOC shipping

ITF slams Shipping Australia over dangerous comments on FOC shipping inquiry



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