Peter Lahay, ITF Canadian Coordinator, Vancouver

Vince Giannopoulos, ITF inspector, Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Region
Vince parle français et anglais.

Karl Risser, ITF inspector, Atlantic Canada
Karl parle français et anglais aussi.


3 responses to “Contact

  1. Joseph b. Alolod

    Good Day sir/maam,
    I have a concern of overcontract seafarer philippine crew of Mv. Sofie victory ETA October 14 2020 21 crew, there principal did not arrange crew change, all crew desperately wanted to go home to thier families… Manning agency at philippine manila is magsaysay…


  2. Aniceto Garcia

    an arrogant supervisor who always shouting her personnel and personalised problem Where can a seawomen work as cabin steward report it in ITF Seatlle Canada Please help my wife


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