MLC Week: Your Saturday Listen takes in the sights and sounds of the MLC’s launch

Time to tie up the Good Ship MLC Week and move on to other topics. We wanted to close this week with a video from the International Labour Organization. It’s a thorough and really interesting look at why the MLC was put together — and the many hopes that it would help entrench and enforce the labour rights of seafarers. It’s a great summary of the issues and features some pretty direct comments from the folks being interviewed.

We hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for wading through this week with us. For anyone interested in more on the MLC and the international push to forge tool that would help seafaring workers, the ILO has some great resources. We’ve put one of their comprehensive videos at the top of this post. You can find a web page with more material of theirs by clicking here.

And in case you missed any of our earlier posts:


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