Welcome to The ITF In Canada

As our salute to the world’s mariners, we will be launching our new blog on June 25th, marked around the world as the Day of the Seafarer.

Seafarers are among the world’s most marginalized and isolated workers. As firm believers in the critical role of solidarity in the labour movement, our aim is to provide functional resources to support them in their work and time away from home, to provide valuable links to assistance they might need and advice they might require and, along the way, perhaps some occasional entertainment to brighten their days.

To those who run the industry, this site aims to help further our mutual efforts to support the men and women who toil at sea, making world trade happen for all of us.

To those in the media interested in transportation, in the marine environment or in commerce, perhaps this site will help inform you and contribute to a constructive dialogue as you work to share news with your readers and viewers.

And finally, to marine and port communities across Canada, and in fact around the world — in places where citizens feel the burden of shipping, and in those where they are lifted by the benefits of good paying jobs — perhaps this site will help to find a balance of interests and the civil dialogue needed  to reach the goal of sustainable communities, good jobs and a clean environment.

All of which is a grand hope. But the sooner we admit we must come to grips with the complexities and competing interests in the world’s shipping industry, and address them together, the better off we will be.

Wish us luck. Feel free to contribute. Our contact details can be found up top; our comment box is always open.

Safe sailing, fair tides.


We encourage dialogue

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